"When first seeing the scope of my work, it is obvious that it does not fall into an overall, easily-defined category..."

Poole Self Portrait ca 1974

Poole Self Portrait ca 1990

Poole Self Portrait ca 1999

Poole Self Portrait ca 2008

Poole Self Portrait ca 2008

It used to trouble me that I could not seem to settle on a “style” or “school” of painting with which I could make a statement. On reflection, however, I realized that if I were an actor, I wouldn’t want to be “typecast,” consigned to playing the same character over and over. Too, if I were a writer, I would be bored silly writing in the same manner for every book, regardless of the subject.

I have worked hard to learn the many disciplines of painting so that I can depict whatever image or statement I desire, with or without the benefit of models or props. I have striven to be honest with my work and do only those things that please me other than those commissions necessary for living expenses.

I will continue my broad spectrum of work though most galleries are generally uncomfortable with unpredictable artists.

Each painting is to stand on its own, without benefit of explanation, justification, juxtapositions or other ephemeral buzzwords seeking to confuse or dissipate.
— O. Gail Poole