We are in the process of scanning reviews from Poole's exhibits over several decades.
In the meantime, a few recent reviews. 

Range of styles seen in O. Gail Poole show at Oklahoma Hall of Fame

A series of shows since the death of O. Gail Poole (1935-2013) has amply demonstrated his great range of styles and content. This is certainly true of the "Rediscovered Oklahoma Master" show at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame Gaylord-Pickens Museum, 1400 Classen Drive.

WESTERN ITALIANO: OK artist O. Gail Poole's western art gets fistful of accolades in Italy

AREZZO, Italy - Nicole Poole only needs three words to describe her father, the late legendary Oklahoma artist O. Gail Poole: "Hellbent for leather." "Dad mastered any style he tried," Poole said. "He was never satisfied with just one, so he kept searching for his voice and kept trying new things.

What to do in Oklahoma on May 12, 2016: See 'O. Gail Poole: Rediscovered Oklahoma Master' at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame

MAY 12, 2016 - Today's featured event: Attend a free opening reception for the exhibit "O. Gail Poole: Rediscovered Oklahoma Master" from 5 to 7 p.m. today at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, 1400 Classen Drive.

O. Gail Poole reveals artistic acumen and humor in Oklahoma City exhibit

A new show makes clear that "Flora & Felines" were subjects that brought out the artistic acumen and humor of O. Gail Poole. The work of Poole (1935-2013) is in the south lobby of the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory at Myriad Botanical Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City.

Work of O. Gail Poole lives on after death

The paintings in the south lobby of Myriad Botanical Gardens' Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory are quite different from one another. There's a still life, a few lavishly gilded cat paintings and abstract portraits. There's even a vibrant poster advertising a long-forgotten stage act, "Delmonico Tempts His Cats," complete with the tiger that eventually killed and ate Delmonico.

Art review: Broad spectrum of art found in O. Gail Poole sketchbook show at The Depot in Norman

A show from the sketchbooks of O. Gail Poole (1935-2013), an "artist's artist" who defied easy classification, is at The Depot. The show's title, "As Yet UnNamed," reflects his unwillingness to be "typecast" in any one style, preferring to pursue a "broad spectrum" in his work.

Art review: Retrospective exhibit at Artspace at Untitled in Oklahoma City shows humor, technique of O. Gail Poole

A retrospective exhibit that amply demonstrates not only the diversity and rich sense of humor of O. Gail Poole (1935-2013), but also his acumen and superb technique, is on view at Artspace at Untitled. Called "As Yet Untamed," based on a 2005 book dedication by Taos, N.M., artist Sherrie McGraw, the show captures what she called his "maverick and ...