Keeping the artistic legacy of O. Gail Poole alive

Norman artist O. Gail Poole died at age 77 in 2013, less than a month after being diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was known in Norman, not just for producing a large and varied canon of fine art over decades, but for his large personality.


Nicole Poole to speak on her mission to share her father O. Gail Poole's artwork

JUL 7, 2016 - When Oklahoma master artist O. Gail Poole died in 2013, he left behind hundreds of sketches and paintings that are now recognized as the creations of an unclassifiable genius. But for many years, those works sat moldering in storage, some in dire need of repair or restoration, and upon his...

Nicole Poole Shares Her Father's Legacy - Oklahoma Hall of Fame

While it is true that art was a profound and inexorable part of Dad, it is intertwined with his upbringing and influences; I think of two trees that have grown together - separate, yet indivisible.

Work of O. Gail Poole lives on after death

The paintings in the south lobby of Myriad Botanical Gardens' Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory are quite different from one another. There's a still life, a few lavishly gilded cat paintings and abstract portraits. There's even a vibrant poster advertising a long-forgotten stage act, "Delmonico Tempts His Cats," complete with the tiger that eventually killed and ate Delmonico.

Oklahoma artists to make Cultural Connections in Italy

NORMAN - O. Gail Poole never went to Italy, but his work is heading there more than three years after his death. "He spent all of his time in Oklahoma and Taos (N.M.); he went to France and London, but that was it," said the late artist's daughter, Nicole Poole.


From a pool of thousands of submissions, O. Gail Poole's painting, "Bradley Wheat Fields and Storm Clouds," has been selected for exhibit in the 2015 National Weather Center Biennale, an international juried exhibition presenting: Art's Window on the Impact of Weather on the Human Experience. Internationally acclaimed artist Mel Chin serves as guest juror.  The exhibit runs from Sunday, April 19 - Sunday, June 14 2015, at the National Weather Center.

AN UNTAMED ARTIST'S WORK ROARS BACK TO LIFE: Late Oklahoma painter O. Gail Poole gains new attention thanks to daughter's efforts

As one of Oklahoma's most prolific and adventurous artists, O. Gail Poole never stayed in one place long enough for anyone to build a box around him. The only constant was his unerring skill with a paintbrush, and when Poole died in 2013 at age 77, he left behind hundreds of oils, encaustics, pa...

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O. Gail Poole makes headlines! Brandy McDonnell of The Oklahoman features Poole in an excellent article, which graced the front page of the State's largest newspaper on Thursday, December 4, 2014.

"O. Gail Poole's passion for painting could never be tamed, couldn't be reined into a particular school, style or subject matter.

But his daughter is making sure that she harnesses his legacy, so that his creative spirit is remembered, especially in his home state...." Read more.

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November 14, 2014 - Oklahoma City

"First Immigrant/Mind of Man," by O. Gail Poole
Oil on paper
Dimensions: 23 x 17.5
Gift of Roy Oliver, 2014

The Oklahoma State Art Collection has completed its first acquisition by Oklahoma Artist O. Gail Poole (1935-2013). The painting, titled "First Immigrant/Mind of Man" was a gift to the collection by Roy T. Oliver, a long-time collector of Poole's work. "Gail Poole was a very talented artist and a fine human being whose imagination and artistic ability is irreplaceable," Oliver said.  Nicole Poole, the artist's daughter and owner of Poole's remaining works, responded, “Roy Oliver and The Oklahoma Arts Council have my deepest gratitude for placing Dad’s work in the State Art Collection. Dad was one of Oklahoma's most dedicated artists, and the knowledge that his legacy will continue to inspire the people of Oklahoma is a great honor for me and for my family." The work will be on display in the Oklahoma State Capitol Gallery. For more information, visit the State Art Collection website.

President David L. Boren and Nicole Poole

OU President David L. Boren
O. Gail Poole


NORMAN – “Morning Meeting,” an original oil on canvas by internationally noted Oklahoma artist O. Gail Poole, was recently given to University of Oklahoma President David L. Boren, by the artist’s daughter, Nicole Poole of Norman.

Guided by the wishes of father, who died in April 2013, Nicole Poole presented the artwork as a gift to Boren in recognition of the respect “my father and our family has for his dedication and service.” Nicole Poole, who is an alumna of the OU School of Drama, said her father followed the career and championed the efforts of Boren and enthusiastically supported the President’s work to nurture OU into a world-class institution.

“The university is honored to receive this gift from such a fine artist who was also an outstanding citizen of Norman,” Boren said. “It will become part of the university art collection of the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.”

Cataloguing of the O. Gail Poole Collection Continues

April, 2014  With thanks to Julie Droke (former Registrar, Sam Noble Museum of Natural History), Terri Jordan (Archivist), J.J. Bradford (Photographer), Brad Gregg (Artist, Editor) and Norman developer Brent Swift, cataloguing the remainder of the O. Gail Poole Collection is underway. Poole’s works on paper, including oils, pastels, charcoals and pen & ink are eagerly awaiting their place in the catalogue. Updates coming soon!

Nicole Poole Elected to Board of Norman Arts Council

April, 2014  Following in her father, O. Gail Poole’s footsteps, Nicole Poole joined the Board of the Norman Arts Council in April. The Norman Arts Council is a leading force for creative and legislative innovation, artist opportunities and community exposure to both the rich pool of talent within Oklahoma and the cutting-edge innovation of artists worldwide.

Nicole Poole Joins Art Ludique Team for Marvel Exhibit

March, 2013  Again joining the ranks of the internationally-acclaimed Art Ludique, Le Musée in Paris, Nicole Poole, Owner and Administrator of the O. Gail Poole Collection, served as interpreter and art handler for the world’s first exhibit of Marvel Superheroes, running through August, 2014. The exhibit contains hundreds of pages of original art from Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and other legendary comics creators, as well as original props from the blockbuster films Captain America, The Avengers, Thor and Iron Man.

Nicole Poole Joins Art Ludique Team for Pixar Exhibit

November, 2013  Nicole Poole, Owner and Administrator of the O. Gail Poole Collection, lent her skills as an interpreter, art condition reporter and curatorial assistant for the PIXAR, 25 YEARS OF ANIMATION exhibit, the inaugural exhibit for Art Ludique, Le Musée, in Paris.

The first museum of its kind in the world, Art Ludique highlights work by the talented creators who bring life to public entertainment and influence the arts of their era. The drawings, paintings and sculptures made by animation and gaming studios, superhero artists, set designers and authors of comics and manga now have a proper exhibition space worthy of talent that is recognised around the world.

Launched in 2006 at MoMA in New York and since touring prestigious museums around the world, PIXAR, 25 YEARS OF ANIMATION is the perfect event to showcase the new museum’s innovative approach and popular appeal. By showing original pieces from the artists behind Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up and more, the exhibit takes the appreciation of animation to an entirely new level. The exhibit runs from November 16 2013 through March 2, 2014.

Winners Announced for
O. Gail Poole Memorial Travel Fund

October, 2013 The Norman Arts Council has announced this year’s winners of the newly established O. Gail Poole Memorial Travel Fund for artists.

Poole, a celebrated Oklahoma artist, died in April at age 77. His daughter, Nicole Poole, established the fund to honor his memory. The fund is administered by the Norman Arts Council and benefits artists of demonstrated merit and ability, allowing them the freedom and opportunity to travel outside of Norman for their work.

The first to receive awards are Marwin Begaye, Chris Fleming, Debby Kaspari and Craig Swan. Each will receive $500. Begaye will use his award to attend an international indigenous contemporary visual arts gathering in New Zealand, where he will participate in workshops and exhibits and lead a printmaking workshop. Fleming used his to cover costs of a three-week workshop at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, Colo. Swan plans an artistic pilgrimage to New York City, and Kaspari will pursue a study of plein-air painting at Medicine Park. All donations to the O. Gail Poole Memorial Travel Fund are tax deductible. Please visit the Memorial Travel Fund page for more information.