The O. Gail Poole Scholarship Fund, administered through the OU Foundation, is now accepting contributions. Once the Fund establishes a meaningful balance, it will be converted into an Endowment benefiting students from under-served communities to attend the Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Art at the University of Oklahoma.

Dad was born and raised in rural Oklahoma, a beautiful place where, by necessity, the land holds a higher priority than higher education.  He found a matchbook with a "Draw Lucky" contest, then took lessons by mail from the Art Instruction School. Had it not been for my grandmother, Hazel, a country schoolteacher, and her years of selling eggs on the side to save for his tuition, Dad would've never been exposed to the professionalism and scope of the University of Oklahoma College of Fine Art. In short, without his education,  we would be deprived of his masterful contributions to the world of fine art.

Hazel and Poole, circa 1942

Hazel and Poole, circa 1942

I urge you to help me further Dad's legacy with a contribution, if you are able.  If not, please share his name and images with your circles.

As my grandmother, Hazel, could attest, every little bit makes a difference.

There are several options to donate online; please click here to visit The OU Foundation Website.

Thank you so very much!

Nicole Poole