Enthusiasm and demand for The O. Gail Poole Collection has gained incredible momentum in a short period of time.  To have gotten this far is an unbelievable success, and plans are afoot for ever-greater exposure of Poole's work. There are several ways you can support this grassroots, heartfelt venture:

Simple, free things that help a great deal:

  • Social media: Follow the O. Gail Poole Collection on Facebook for a painting a day. Share the pieces you respond to with your networks! Every new person who enjoys Poole's work is a win all around.
  • Chat it up: Speaking about a rediscovered Oklahoma master at a cocktail party will make you extremely interesting.
  • Write something: If you respond to Poole's work, write a short testimonial for us.

Little donations mean a lot:


  • Regional, National and International Galleries/Museums:
    • Do you shop regularly at a gallery? Tell them about O. Gail Poole.
    • Do you work for or sit on the board of a museum? Consider advocating for an acquisition of Poole's work.
  • Real Estate:
    • Do you own real estate in Oklahoma City or Norman that would be suitable to house an art collection or a pop-up gallery? Know anyone who does?
  • Finance:
    • Do you know accountants and/or other consultants who specialize in estate collections?
  • Academia:
    • We are actively seeking essays and criticism from art historians and critics.
    • The O. Gail Poole Collection is a perfect fit for a Museum Studies Department.


  • For persons living outside of Oklahoma, there are opportunities to help organize information and disseminate materials to social media and other sources.
  • For persons living in the Oklahoma City Metro Area, we need your help for things ranging from simply helping to address envelopes to scanning archival information.

Purchase Artwork:

  • As pieces become available, please consider a purchase. You can experience the joy, mastery and celebration of a true maverick on a daily basis. You can also rest assured that your purchase will be directly reinvested in running the Collection, and that a portion of sales are donated directly to the O. Gail Poole Scholarship Fund at OU, and the Poole Memorial Travel Fund.


  • Ideas are always welcome. No matter how grand or small, if something sparks with you, pass it on!

If you are interested in any or all of these ways to help, please contact Nicole Poole. Let's get the word out about O. Gail Poole!